Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cross Mobilephone A1 Tabmate Review

Cross A1 classified as a smartphone at an affordable price. In this article I will share personal experiences in the use of this smartphone. Cross A1 MTK6516 based chipset manufactured by a company from China called Mediatek Inc. The advantages of this MTK series is support for dual GSM simcard. For more information check their site Cross Mobile Phone

So what should you optimize :
  1. Root
    By root on your smartphone, all to be easy and we can control. Because it is still based on Android 2.2 Froyo I prefer to use version 1.3.0 Z4ROOT.Please remember, before copying the apk file to your sd card , turn off the antivirus because z4root regarded as a worm / virus,Then install z4root, wait for while until you see menu options say “ Temporary Root and Permanent Root”. Just press Permanent Root, wait until it’s finished, and now you get your A1 fully rooted.

    Link for Z4root : Download Here
  2. Install App2SD
    App2sd is very usefull to be applied on your A1, because only equipped with 256Mb ROM, if you install too many applications would not be enough.
  3. Use SD Card Class 10
    By using the SD Card Class 10 will help the process of opening a file pictures / movies / music I recommend to use the brand like transcends/sandisks.
  4. Install Advance Task Killer
    With this application to shut down running applications will be very easy, so we'll save the memory consumption.
  5. LINE and Whatsapp
    If you like to send a message other than SMS, can use the LINE from naver and WhatsApp. With both of these applications, send messages would be more fun.

    Android requires internet data access, on a smartphone today without the support of the Internet is something futile. To subscribe to the unlimited internet package is the best choice. With the internet, you can sync android email, contacts very easily

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