Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alternatives Image Editing Software

Hi,nice to meet you again, today i found another freeware tool for image manipulation and simple image editing. This cool software is FOTOSKETCHER. The main purpose is turn photos into art for free. Yeah if you are very familiar with Adobe Photoshop we can find effect like blur and sketch, but it’s not free. According from Fotosketcher they’ve already release 

FotoSketcher 2.20 :
Effortlessly reveal your inner artist!
100% free
over 20 effects
no artistic skills needed
more than 4 million downloads
available in 15 different languages
Download link : Fotosketcher 2.20
Just open your image file and then you click Menu Edit – Drawing Parameters (F10) like image shown below :
You can also make a little modification your image file with Modify Source Image, just press F9 button adjust your Contrast, Saturation and many more.

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