Saturday, November 26, 2011


Risk is an opportunity losses, and Risk is an uncertainty and also Risk is the actual deviation from expectations. In situations such as that required a knowledge of risk management :
  1. Identification of risk
  2. Take measurements / analysis of risk
  3. Avoid the risk of :

         - Rent instead of buy          - Prevent and control risk:          - Remove or reduce losses          - Holding the risk: the risk of shoulder (moving of costs)          - Transfer the risk (insurance).
Type of risk
  1. Market risk and marketing
Sources: taxes, morbidly competition, dependence on major ustomers, the limited distribution of products, etc. Result: sales revenue fell down ?
    2. Technical and production risks
          Occur if productivity is not achieved due to an inability to master the technology
   3. Financial risk          - Employers unable to manage funds from the sale          - Increased interest expense          - Enlarged morbidly collectible receivables          - Increased production costs.

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